about me

My name is Davi Fonseca, and I am a Brazilian musician, more specifically from Belo Horizonte, MG. I am a pianist, composer, arranger, and singer, and in recent years, I’ve been stretching myself across these roles and collaborating with various artists, whether in music, theater, or cinema.
My background is like a patchwork quilt: it includes formal studies, experiences and workshops with masters of popular music, continuous interaction with the independent music scene, studies of Indian rhythm, a passion for dance, theater, cinema, and more.

From this blend emerges the music I aim to create today, which is instrumental but also song, Brazilian but also global, looking forward while keeping a foot in the past, and, most importantly, striving to make the patchwork quilt more vibrant with each step.


Davi Fonseca is a pianist, composer, and arranger. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Composition (UFMG) and has a strong presence in the independent music scene in Belo Horizonte. He has performed alongside musicians such as Rafael Martini, Alexandre Andrés, Luiza Brina, PC Guimarães, among others. In addition, he has worked with prominent figures in Brazilian music, including Elza Soares, Letieres Leite, Mônica Salmaso, Léa Freire, Teco Cardoso, Otto, and emerging artists in the Brazilian and global music scene, such as Castello, Luedji Luna, Pedro Martins, Lio, and Lay Soares from the band TUYO.
He is also active in the theater scene, where he has composed music for two productions by the Toda Deseo company and the play “Vinte,” directed by the renowned Márcio Abreu. Davi has recently composed the soundtrack and served as the musical director for three works by the renowned Grupo Galpão: “FEBRE”, “Éramos em Bando”, and “Quer Ver Escuta”, which has just been released as an album. He has also composed the soundtrack for the play “Quase Árvore“, a production by the award-winning Atrás do Pano group. Recently, he released an album featuring the soundtrack he composed for the play “O Maior Trem do Mundo“, directed by Vinícius de Souza.
In 2019, he released his debut album, “Piramba“, which was considered the 8th Best Brazilian Album of the Year (2019) by the Embrulhador list, the 3rd Best Album in the World (2020) by Música Terra (Japan), and the 12th Best Album in the World by Zippu21 (Japan). During the process of developing the album’s repertoire, the composer received the BDMG Instrumental XVIII Award and the Young Instrumentalist BDMG Award for his compositions and arrangements. The album “Piramba” was released by the Savassi Festival Records label and features special guest appearances by Mônica Salmaso, Rafael Martini, and Felipe Vilas Boas.
In 2020, he was selected through the Itaú Cultural’s “Arte como Respiro” national competition based on the songs from his debut album.
Currently, the musician is in the process of creating his second album, “Viseira.”